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Science Salon: DNA

Brave New World: The Next Frontier of DNA

Thursday, April 25, 2019 | Doors open at 5:30 p.m.
Connecticut Science Center, 250 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, CT 06103

December’s announcement of the birth of twin baby girls in China who may — or may not — have had their genes edited crashed the headlines and rocked the world of genetics. A researcher had crossed the line, doing something many other scientists found questionable at best, or deeply unethical at worst: changing a human gene to confer immunity to HIV. Meanwhile, home DNA-testing kits are flying off the shelves and individuals have access to more genetic information than ever. Join our panel of experts this National DNA Day, the 66th anniversary of the discovery of DNA’s double helix, for a discussion on what all this means for the future of genetics.

$18 admission includes entrance to Real Bodies: The Exhibition, parking, one drink, and appetizers (a $45 value). Doors open at 5:30 p.m., panel discussion begins at 6:30.

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Meet the panelists and moderator:

Robert Bird

Robert Bird, JD, is a UConn professor of Business Law and the Eversource Energy Chair in Business Ethics. A graduate of Boston University School of Law and School of Management, Bird’s scholarship focuses on compliance, legal risk, ethics, and GMOs. A fellow of the Institute for Systems Genomics and a member of its executive committee, Bird’s current research addresses the legal and social interpretation of GMOs in light of contemporary attitudes of science.

Judy Brown

Judy Brown ’98, ’03 MS, ’07 Ph.D., a UConn associate professor in residence in Allied Health Sciences, is a certified clinical laboratory specialist in both cytogenetics and molecular biology with a doctorate in Genetics and Genomics. She serves as director of the Diagnostic Genetic Sciences program; the Health Care Genetics Professional Science Master’s Degree program; and the UConn Chromosome Core, a division of the Center for Genome Innovation.

Brenton Graveley

Brenton Graveley, Ph.D., is chair of the UConn Health Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences; the Health Net, Inc. Chair in Genetics and Developmental Biology; director of the UConn Stem Cell Institute; and associate director of the Institute for Systems Genomics. Graveley serves as editor of the journal RNA and a member of the National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research and is a member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering.

Kim Krieger

Panel moderator Kim Krieger is a research writer at UConn and a founding member of the UConn Science Salon. She covers genomics, brains, and materials science for UConn Today, writes about biomedicine for UConn Health Journal, and provided the defining answer to whether squids fart for UConn Magazine. When she’s not evangelizing UConn science, she can be found breeding vegetables, drinking tea, and chasing cloned toddlers around the house.

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