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Science Salon: Virtual Reality

Seeing Things: Virtual Reality Hits the Mainstream

In a few short years, virtual reality has gone from science fiction to commercial tech. While most of us haven’t used it yet, VR applications have been wowing attendees at the Consumer Electronics Show for years, and the technology is beginning to enter the mainstream business world. On January 16, guests learned about how virtual and augmented reality are being used for entertainment, education, engineering, and design and tried demos of the latest VR technology. See photos at our Past Events page.

Meet the panelists and moderator:

Michael Astrachan

Michael Astrachan ’87 is the founder and president of XVIVO Scientific Animation. Astrachan’s experience as an entrepreneur, scientist, and artist give him the unique ability to bring together thought leaders and creatives from distinct backgrounds to create great works of medical media. He has spoken at the NHS conference in London, presented the UConn SFA Alumni Commencement 2015 Speech, and lectured at Harvard.

Horea Ilies

Horea Ilies, Ph.D., professor and head of the UConn Mechanical Engineering Department, has several years of industrial experience with Ford Motor Company in research, manufacturing, and product design and development. His research interests include geometric and physical computing, shape synthesis and geometric reasoning, and, more generally, center on theoretical and computational aspects for systematic design and manufacturing of engineered systems.

Zach Stone

Zach Stone ‘04 is vice president of operations at Vuzix Corporation, a leading supplier of smart glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and products. Stone has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing, quality control, supply chain management, and operations, including at Pratt & Whitney and Sikorsky. He earned his MBA/MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of New Haven.

Patrick Belanger

Panel moderator Patrick Belanger ’16, ’18 MFA is a video game designer and enthusiast, with a BS in Computer Science and an MFA in Digital Media and Design from UConn. His thesis project was an asymmetrical multiplayer VR game called Nova Swarm, which he continues to develop alongside his work at Worldwalker Games.

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