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2020 Series

Social media has become a pervasive tool. Love it or hate it (and many of us do both) it’s impossible to deny its effects on society. People use social media to follow everything from food trucks to police, and organize gatherings as diverse as political protests and flash dance mobs. Corporations and governments use it too. At the next UConn Science Salon, we’ll have experts track a current event in real time through social media and discuss what it means, how we can use it, and where the future of social media is headed.

WHERE: Upward Hartford, 20 Church Street, Hartford, CT
WHEN: November 7, 2019
HOW MUCH: As always, $15 gets you a drink, food, and two hours of thought provoking conversation

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The 2018-2019 series included “Spacing Out: Ancient Stargazers to Modern Astrophysicists,” “Seeing Things: Virtual Reality Hits the Mainstream,” and “Brave New World: The Next Frontier of DNA.” See photos at our Past Events page.