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Spacing Out: Ancient Stargazers to Modern Astrophysicists

Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018 at 6 p.m.
Talcott Mountain Science Center, 324 Montevideo Road, Avon, CT 06001

A telescope is a time machine, and the farther away we focus, the deeper into the past we see. When NASA launches the new James Webb space telescope in 2020, UConn astrophysicists will get some of the first looks at the universe’s first lights. Join us to discuss how humans have viewed the stars from antiquity to the present and how the James Webb will deepen our view even more. If the weather cooperates, we’ll get to do a little star and planet gazing ourselves through Talcott Mountain’s observatory.

Join us on November 8 for a spirited discussion. Refreshments and networking begin at 6 pm, the panel discussion at 6:30 pm.
All are welcome. The $15 registration cost includes one drink and appetizers. Advanced registration is required; register here.

Meet the panelists:

Alexus McLeod

Alexus McLeod, Ph.D., is a UConn associate professor of philosophy and Asian/Asian-American studies. He specializes in comparative philosophy and has written extensively in the history of astronomy, particularly the astronomical thought of ancient China, Mesoamerica, and India. These topics are covered in his 2016 book Astronomy in the Ancient World: Early and Modern Views on Celestial Events.

Jon Trump

Jonathan Trump, Ph.D., is an observational astronomer who studies supermassive black holes, starting with their birth in the early universe and through their subsequent mass buildup to be billions of times more massive than the Sun. Trump uses telescopes on the ground and in space, spanning radio to X-ray wavelengths, to understand how these rips in space-time affect the star formation and evolution of the galaxies around them.

Kate Whitaker

Katherine Whitaker, Ph.D., is a UConn assistant professor of physics and an observational extragalactic astronomer. With exquisite Hubble Space Telescope imaging and spectroscopy, she explores the rich uncharted territory of the distant universe, revealing how galaxies are evolving from the earliest times to the present day to piece together an intriguing timeline of the cosmos.

Science Salon Jr. Returns!

Sunday, October 28, 2018 | 1-3:30 pm
UConn Storrs
Peter J. Werth Residence Tower
Storrs, CT 06269

We’ve modified our traditional Science Salon program to create cool, kid-friendly experiments for Science Salon Junior. Kids ages 5 – 12 are invited to join UConn faculty and students for an afternoon of STEM fun.

Experiments will include:
– Exciting manipulations in chemistry
– Building and creating with engineering
– Environmental adventures with ecology and evolutionary biology
– Experiments in agriculture and natural resources

This program is FREE and every young scientist will receive a complimentary Science Salon Junior water bottle.

Questions? Please contact Pam Chudzik, Alumni Relations, via email or call the Office of Alumni Relations toll-free at (888) 822-5861.


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