UConn Science Salon, launched in June 2015, is a panel series sponsored by UConn and the UConn Foundation. The goal of the program is to facilitate conversations between science experts and the public in a fun, stylish environment. At the events, which include networking and refreshments, researchers have a chance to talk about how the latest discoveries impact the public, while the average person can go straight to the source to answer their questions.


Science cafés are held all over the world. According to sciencecafes.org, a site run by NOVA as a resource for those interested in hosting or attending such events, the grassroots movement has been around for at least a decade. The events are typically casual gatherings held in places like coffeehouses, pubs, and libraries, and are focused on facilitating discussions about science.

“The successful café fosters an informal atmosphere where all participants feel encouraged to participate,” according to the site. “These are not long lectures with a passive audience listening to an expert. Rather, they are dynamic, two-way interactions between a scientist and the public. In this way, the public feels empowered to learn, and the scientist speaker gains valuable perspective on his or her own work.”

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Reads: Food, Drink, and Spirited Discourse. (Christa Tubach/UConn Graphic)